Probate Court, Estates & Adult Guardianship

Hage Hodes will work with you and your family through the steps of probate court, including probate litigation when necessary. We can assist you through the probate court process of transferring assets to the rightful heirs of a Last Will & Testament, or work with you through an estate that may not have a Last Will & testament and instead use the New Hampshire Intestacy Laws. We can advise you on the steps of probate, assist you with the forms and documents that need to be filed in the probate court, and work with you to make sure that all of the loose ends of the probate estate are tied up.

Hage Hodes has extensive experience in assisting you with the unique and emotional difficulties that can come from needing to file a Guardianship over a parent or grandparent. We will work with you to make sure that you provide the probate court with the information necessary and get you through the court hearing. After Guardianship is granted, we can provide you with assistance in preparing your probate inventory, probate accountings and work through the challenges that comes with making decisions for your parent or grandparent.

We will explain the probate process, assist you in as much or as little as you need, discuss the likely outcomes and work with you to seek results that honor the wishes and dignity of the Ward or Testator. Please contact the professionals at Hage Hodes.

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